Introducing the Sol Foundation

Science, Policy, and Public Education for the Post-UAP World

The Sol Foundation brings together experts from academia and government to address the philosophical, policy, and scientific problems raised by the likely presence on the Earth of UAP. Learn more about our work and how to support us.


Our Research

The time has come for serious, well-funded, and cutting-edge inquiry into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Sol’s research agenda cuts across the natural sciences, the social sciences and humanities, engineering, and policy to consider the implications of UAP for our understanding of aspects of nature, such as physics and energy, as well as human institutions like politics, economy, law, and religion.

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Whatever they might be, UAP raise serious issues for the United States’ and other national governments, including transparency, national and global security, energy solutions for climate change, and space commerce and regulation. Sol will be publishing a comprehensive suite of white papers on these and other topics in 2023 and 2024.

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Garry Nolan

Executive Director of the Board

Peter Skafish

Executive Director

Jonathan Berte

Board of Directors, European Union and Technology and Investment Advisory Boards




The Sol Foundation welcomes serious inquiries about our work. Messages about supporting the Foundation should be directed to

Queries from academics and scientists about research collaborations should be directed to Dr. Nolan or Dr. Skafish, both of whom can also discuss partnership proposals from corporate, government, and religious entities.

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