Science, Policy, and Public Education for a Post-UAP World

Why a UAP-Focused Foundation and Center of Research?

The time has come for serious, well-funded, and cutting-edge academic research into the nature of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and their broad cosmological and political implications. Such a claim would have been beyond the pale of respectability just five years ago, but the U.S. government’s recent and continued acknowledgments of UAP have changed them from a subject unworthy of academic consideration into a scientific and intellectual problem of unfathomably broad stakes. Now that UAP are considered real enough by Congress to be addressed with federal legislation, we are forced to consider the broad consequences of this for the future of science, technology, economy, politics, law, religion, culture, and all other human institutions and endeavors.

The Sol Foundation is accordingly establishing itself as a premier center for UAP research. Under the direction of academic and government experts already professionally engaged in the study of UAP, the Foundation is assembling teams of noted specialists in the natural sciences, the social sciences, the humanities, and engineering, information science, and other technology-focused disciplines. Collectively, these teams will undertake rigorous, methodical, and cutting-edge inquiry into UAP and their implications as well as help set the agenda for UAP Studies.

Sol’s Work and Mission

As revelation of the reality of UAP would be world-changing in every sense of the term, the Foundation’s work is not confined to purely academic research but extends to advisory and policy work as well as public education. In sum, the Sol Foundation’s mission is threefold:

  1. To help fund and set a clear direction for the initial 25 years of public research related to UAP, nonhuman intelligences, and the implications of their existence for human understandings of nature, society, technology, and politics. In this, the Foundation intends to be the leading source of the best scientific, intellectual, and policy research on the issue.
  2. To provide reliable, cutting-edge advisory research to the United States’ and other national governments as well as corporate clients. Sol will establish itself as and remain the foremost think tank on UAP: the source of the most informed and insightful policy recommendations available.
  3. To offer insight and guidance to the public on the cosmological and political implications of UAP. As humanity grows to understand that it is not the sole intelligence in the universe, Sol will share its perspectives on how humans might creatively respond to this new reality.

Social Responsibility, Democracy, and Humanity

As government engagements with UAP are freighted by a history of secrecy and overclassification, Sol is committed to developing a socially responsible approach to the issue—one appropriate for democratic societies. In this regard, we have three aims:

  1. The establishment and maintenance by the United States’ and other national governments of informed, democratic oversight of their UAP engagements, including by creating public transparency.
  2. The promotion of UAP-related research that is commercially and ecologically responsible.
  3. The fostering of a greater sense of common humanity across cultures, faiths, nations, and polities, including by supporting the development of UAP-focused initiatives at international institutions.


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